Swan Dad Takes Care Of His Babies After Mom Passes Away

A swan couple, who became park visitor’s favorite sight, soon had seven cygnets.It was beautiful to watch the family swimming together, but unfortunately, the mother swan died of an illness.The swan dad stepped up to raise his babies well!At the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, Massachusetts, one swan couple had become the visitors’ favorite sight, which became even more wonderful when the two started to build their family there.

“In early April, we first noticed they had a nest along the pillars by the lagoon,” Emma Feeney, marketing and events coordinator for the Esplanade Association, told The Dodo. “Then shortly after, we saw that the female swan had begun to lay eggs. A total of nine eggs had been laid by early May, and about 10 days ago the cygnets began hatching.”Bird and wildlife lovers even watched as the couple welcomed their seven cygnets.

“They’ve kind of become celebrities in Boston over the past few weeks,” Emma said.

The swan dad and mom have shared parental duties over their babies — taking turns feeding, protecting and keeping them warm. But when the mother swan fell ill and passed away, with cause of death vets couldn’t determine, everything has changed.

“Animal Care and Control received a call with concerns over the female swan’s health, as she seemed to have been bobbing her head and couldn’t stand up on her own,” Emma said. “But by the time animal control arrived at the park, unfortunately, the female swan had passed.”

Emma added that the news on the mother’s death broke many hearts in the community, especially those who visit the nest on a daily basis, watching the swan squad at the park’s lagoon.

Although these supporters were sad about what happened, they were also happy witnessing how the male swan has stepped up to raise his babies, jumping into a new role as a single dad.

“The male swan could be seen across the lagoon in their nest with the cygnets tucked underneath his wings,” Emma shared. “They seem to be doing well. You can spot them in the esplanade lagoon swimming together, with some of the babies riding along on his back.”

Because the papa swan is “just a great, great father to them,” the cygnets will absolutely grow up fine.