Sweet Beagle Decides To Rock His Baby Sister To Sleep in The Cutest Way

Dogs are more than just a pet.Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason, and they have shown us a lot of reasons why they are worthy of such titles. Especially when you see this particular dog who has developed the most loving personality toward his human family.

Beagle babysitting a baby might just be what we need to see right now.Charlie the Beagle went to visit his human baby sister, Laura Olivia, in her cradle. The adorable baby, who was wearing her comfy pajamas and was surrounded by her toys, was waiting for her mom to rock her cradle. However, Charlie ended up being the one to rock her to sleep!

The sweet pooch trotted gently toward the cradle and then started pushing it on his own. Whenever he saw the cradle slowing down, he pushed it back again to retain its momentum. Regardless of whether this is taught by his owners or he learned this on his own, it is such a heart-melting sight to behold.

Charlie showing empathy toward his sister.

“Who needs a babysitter when you have a dog like this one,” Charlie’s owners wrote on the video description.

Charlie has been around since Laura was born, and he is incredibly sensitive to her emotions.

When he hears her crying, he will always feel the need to try and make things better for Laura by sharing his brotherly love toward her. Baby Laura is more than lucky to have a friend and a babysitter like Charlie.

Charlie is famous on the internet as a family-loving pooch.

Charlie’s family saw how lovable he is toward them, especially after their daughter, Laura, was born. The family documented Laura and Charlie’s adventures and later set up a YouTube channel to share their adventures on the internet, as well as storing their cherished memories for eternity.

Charlie is a smart dog and he could easily learn tricks and certain tasks that proved useful to the family. When Laura arrived in their lives, they immediately witnessed the start of their special bond, and that bond grew up with Laura, making them inseparable. The channel acquired 144,000 subscribers and has accumulated over 100 million channel views.

If you are looking for the best family dogs, Beagles should be one of the better candidates to choose from. According to AKC, this dog breed is one of the most lovable, happy, and companionable dogs, which makes them perfect as family dogs.

Furthermore, they are great at being your playmates as their energy is just beyond measure. Golden Retrievers could offer you almost the same qualities, but what makes Beagles advantageous is their size, making them easier to manage, especially around children.

The clip was from six years ago, and look at them now.

The 1-minute video of Charlie rocking Laura’s cradle was more than six years old, and even until now that the baby in the video is all grown up, Charlie continues to have more adventures with her and the rest of the family.

The 1-minute video of Charlie rocking Laura’s cradle was more than six years old, and even until now that the baby in the video is all grown up, Charlie continues to have more adventures with her and the rest of the family.

Furthermore, Charlie now has another Beagle sister named Lily, and she instantly fit in with the family.


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