Sweet Dog Adopts Baby Possums And Carries Them On Her Back Everywhere She Goes

The future looked bleak for these five baby possums but thanks to a loving pup, they got a second chance at life.Five newborn possums were orphaned after their mom was killed by a dog in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Stephanie Maldonado, a dog trainer, rescued the babies. Since they were so young that their eyes had not even fully opened, their survival did not seem very promising.

The tiny babies needed round the clock care. In addition to feedings and cleanings, they also needed to be kept warm. Normally the tiny babies would snuggle with their mother but in this case that was sadly impossible.Sensing that they needed help to survive, Maldonado’s little dog, Pretinha, started caring for the tiny orphans. She snuggled them and kept them warm.

She acted as a surrogate mother to the five adorable babies. She even carried them around on her back just as their real mother would have.

Normally orphaned possums would be cared for by a wildlife rehabber with experience in caring for possums. Rehabbers are specially trained in what and how to feed them. Possum babies don’t suckle as most mammals do so they require some extra knowledge and skill to raise. They also need help to eliminate and to be kept free from fleas, which they are susceptible to.

Apparently, Maldonado and Pretinha knew what they were doing because these babies began to grow and go on walks with their new ‘moms.’ The sweet family could not be cuter, and the little dog seemed so proud of herself in her role of possum mom.

Check out how adorable they are as they cuddle in their bed and snuggle up together. Of course, the babies riding on the little dog’s back is the most adorable.

It’s ironic that they lost their mother to a dog and then a dog stepped in to save them.