Sweet Dog Overthinks Getting Through Doorway And Needs Mom’s Help To Get Inside

Have you ever had one of those moments when the obvious was just not so obvious? That’s what happened to this pup when she couldn’t figure out how to get through a cracked door.The adorable little dog wanted to join her mom in the bedroom. Mom was inside calling her dog, who approached the doorway which was opened a crack. There was also a box near the door, which apparently threw the adorable dog into a state of confusion.

Mom keeps calling the cute little dog, Cookie, who can’t seem to figure it out…“You’re overthinking it,’ her fur mom says.“You can come in…” but poor Cookie can’t get in.Mom says, “come here, come here….” But it’s not happening for Cookie.The sweet little pup is dumbfounded. She softly nudges the door and that doesn’t work.

Her little tail wags and that doesn’t help, either. And, peering at mom isn’t magically causing the door to swing open.

Cookie paces and turns around clearly wanting to go inside the bedroom but is still so uncertain. Mom gently calls her, trying to convince her to figure out the dilemma. No matter how hard she tries, Cookie can’t or doesn’t know how to help herself.

Clearly, Cookie is not going to figure it out so loving mom finally decides to give her a helping paw. She leans over and gently opens the door and a happy Cookie walks inside.

We’re sure she’s overjoyed to be reunited with fur mom but this low-key pup just wags her tail in gratefulness.

She’s so adorable and sweet, we just want to give her a big hug.