Sweet German Shepherd Meets A Bucket Full Of Newly Hatched Quail Chicks

Unlikely friendships between two animal species are always adorable to see. But, when both animals are only babies themselves, such as this young German shepherd and these newly hatched quail chicks, it’s even cuter.In this video, Charon, a beautiful black German shepherd is being introduced to a bucket full of newly hatched quail chicks for the very first time.

And, the tiny chicks no bigger than the eggs they recently hatched from!The video begins with the adorable Charon looking into a bucket packed full of tiny quail chicks. The little feathered chickies are chirping away as Charon anxiously waits to meet them up close and personal.Mom finally gently pours the little chicks out of the bucket and onto the floor where Charon is waiting.

Ever so gently, she begins to sniff the tiny yellow and brown chicks as they begin to fearlessly wander around her.

Peep, peep, peep….is all you can hear coming from the adorable chicks!

As the chicks begin to spread out, Charon watches them as all good herding dogs would. When they come close, she carefully sniffs them, which is the most adorable thing ever. As the chicks begin to wander further away, she pops up and looks around so she can keep her eyes on every single one!

Under her paws, behind her, there are quail chicks all around! No doubt this sweet pup would like to round them up so she doesn’t lose a single one. Charon is just the sweet quail chick caretaker ever and these babies are certainly safe with a brave German shepherd for a big sister.