Sweet Pit Bull Gives Kisses When He Wakes Up Each Morning

Tank is so sleepy it’s hard to wake him up but once his human does, he greets her with the sweetest kisses.Tank the pit bull is a sleepy boy who likes to snuggle up close to his owner while he snoozes. Sound asleep, he dreams on and on while his owner tries to wake him up. Over and over she gently calls his name.

His adorable gray muzzle is snuggled up right under her chin but he’s sound asleep and doesn’t hear his name called. She begins petting and patting him but it still takes a while to get through to the sleepy boy.When he finally wakes up, he’s startled and his eyes fly open in surprise. It seems to take him a second to be fully present but once he is, he gives his owner the sweetest kisses on the cheek.

What an adorable way to wake up each day; with pitbull snuggles and kisses. Clearly, Tank is in his favorite spot on the bed, close to his human and totally relaxed by her side. She seems happy to have him there, too.

For those that let their dogs on the bed, their little furry bodies can be such a comfort and some people even claim to sleep better with their dog by their side, even when their dog takes up all the bed.

No matter what side you’re on, it would be hard to resist Tank’s cute face at bedtime.

Not sure how you could say no to him, he’s such a sweet boy.