Sweet Two-year-old Becomes Mom To Deaf Foster Dog

Moz was found abandoned — he had mange, fleas all over his body and tick bites.Thom McCallum, who takes in any dogs he finds, took Moz home to foster him.Moz soon found his forever home: in two-year-old Lillian and her family who always said hi to him when Thom, Moz and his other foster dogs were walking around the neighborhood.“She really thought [the dog] was like her baby and she was his mom,” two-year-old Lillian’s mom, Lauren, said of her daughter.

It all started when Moz, a tiny white pit bull mix puppy, walked by Lillian’s house with foster dad Thom McCallum of Berkley, California, and the pup caught the little girl’s heart.Since then, Lillian would greet him whenever Thom walked his foster dogs around the neighborhood. Lillian and Moz then started to form an extraordinary bond.

The way Moz behaves with Lillian was amazing, knowing how sad his past life was.

“Moz was just a mess,” explained Thom, who takes in dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors. “He was this scrawny, hairless, weird-looking stray, and he was deaf.”

Thom found Moz abandoned in an alley in Oakland, California — with mange, fleas all over, and tick bites. As soon as he took him home, Moz just curled up and slept for a day and a half!

Thom’s other foster dogs had also fostered Moz, giving him so much TLC, which helped him make great strides with his health.

As soon as Moz got better, he began enjoying village walks with Thom and the other foster dogs. It didn’t take long when Thom realized that Lillian and Moz were falling for one another. “It was really sweet to kinda watch this friendship blossom,” Thom said, who was secretly hoping that Lillian’s family would adopt Moz.

Fate seemed to work in favor of Thom’s little wish, as well as Lillian and Moz’s developing friendship. Thom had to briefly go to New Mexico for work, and so he asked Lillian’s family to dog-sit.

That chance proved that Lillian and Moz were really meant to stick together. They have become inseparable, and “Moz was pretty game for whatever she wanted to do.” Thom even described Moz as a “Velcro dog” as he sticks to Lillian like a glue!

When Thom returned to California, Lillian and her family realized that they wanted not only to dog-sit Moz, but to keep him forever.

“Moz hit the jackpot with these guys,” the proud foster dad said.