Take A Hike With Cooper The Golden Retriever At Vermont Resort

The Equinox Resort in Vermont has Cooper the Golden Retriever as its chief happiness officer (CHO).Cooper is in charge of the Saturday Golden Hikes that would take you on the resort’s trails.To join, you have to make a reservation as COVID-19 rules apply even outdoors.The Equinox Resort in Vermont, a historic landmark since the 1970s, has hosted four U.S. presidents and soldiers of the Revolutionary War during its 250 years of operation. But now, it distinguishes itself as having a canine for its chief happiness officer (CHO).

Cooper, a golden retriever, is the resort’s CHO. He has been in office since the fall of 2020 and he can lead you on the “Golden Hikes” along the resort’s trails.According to the resort, the position was given to him as he just makes people happy.His owner, Jay Sheldon, who is The Equinox’s general manager, said that the service is free for the guests but recommends you make a reservation for the “Golden Hikes,” especially during this pandemic.

The Golden Hikes start on April 17 so better make that reservation.

The hikes are scheduled every Saturday morning and would take around 2 hours to explore 914 acres. Do not worry, you will have a happy, unleashed furry leader who knows the trails so well.

You can also bring your own furry companion to the resort as Cooper is very friendly.

For the rest of the week, Cooper’s days are spent looking after guests, roaming the grounds with his dad, and on Fridays between 4-5pm, he formally welcomes guests when they check-in.

The resort has a 13,000-square-foot spa, an 18-hole golf course, a heated indoor swimming pool, five on-site restaurants and bars, and three tennis courts.

After their stay at the resort, children of guests have the chance to take home a Cooper plushie so they won’t miss him. But of course, you are always welcome to come back as The Equinox is open the whole year for you.