Tears Fall As Human Brother And Kitten Lost For Five Weeks, Reunite

Boy and kitten love each other so much that they spend all of their time together cuddling.Kitten gets lost for five weeks and leaves the boy heart broken.A neighbor finds and takes care of the kitten and when the boy and kitten reunite, tears fall.Boy and a kitten have a special bond. They consider themselves brothers and spend lots of time together, cuddling and having fun.Rachelle Vaughn, the brothers’ mom said that his son Liam is obsessed with Franky the cat. “He loves animals. Especially this one because he’s a cuddle monkey.”

Unfortunately, one day, Franky disappeared. And Liam was heartbroken.Vaughn put up flyers, contacted shelters, and searched Facebook groups to find Franky but to no avail. But five weeks into the search, a neighbor found Franky.The neighbor took him inside and kept him safe making Franky totally fine and healthy after all this time.

Vaugn said, “He turned up on the next street over. Someone posted pictures of him on Facebook and I jumped all over it to find out he was right behind us.”

Vaugn immediately planned on fetching Franky. She also would surprise Liam. She said, “My son did not know we were headed to pick up the cat. I told him Amazon had delivered a package to the wrong house.”

As the pair went to collect the “package”, that is when Liam saw Franky held by the neighbor. Liam stood still and cried.

Franky on the other hand was happy to be reunited with his human brother. He shows it by not letting Laim out of his sight now that he is home.

Vaugn said, “Since Franky has been home, he has been more affectionate than normal. I can tell he missed being home and us as well. He follows me all around the house like I’m gonna disappear or something.”

It might have been a tearful reunion, but all is well.