Teen Helps Local Rescue Save Dog That’s Living In Abandoned House

This story is proof that age has nothing to do with making a difference. Armand and Mikey are kids in a Detroit neighborhood that help the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue by calling them when they see a stray or if someone abandons a puppy.In a rough neighborhood and the kids are often not in school, but as one of the rescue workers points out, they could be doing worse things than helping them rescue dogs.

On this trip, filmed by the award-winning non-profit World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S), they help a one year-old Pit Bull who has been living in an abandoned house.It’s amazing that Mikey and his buddies believe in and help rescue dogs in their neighborhood.Imagine if more kids in more neighborhoods wanted to save homeless pets instead of abuse or ignore them?

The Good Pet Guardian Lesson Plan Initiative is hoping to do this with their curriculums for schools in some of America’s worst cities with stray dogs.