The Dog From ‘I Am Legend’ Is Now 13, And Still The Best Friend Anyone Could Hope For

Abbey, the dog who played “Sam” and co-starred with Will Smith in the apocalyptic zombie sci-fi action thriller ‘I Am Legend,’ is now 13 years old! It has been 10 years since the blockbuster film hit theaters, and Abbey is still doing great!She is currently living with her trainer, Steve Berens, and his family.

“She’s older now and she doesn’t hear hardly anything. But she’s still kicking, she still likes a ball and likes a bone,” said Steve.“When you work with a lot of actors, they’re not that interested in the animal – a lot of actors look at it as something that the audience is going to be looking at instead of them. But Will was not at all like that.

He understood that this was his co-star, and he really dug it and really got into it. I think that she really liked him, and that made a difference.”

When Will Smith was a child, he lost his family pet to an automobile accident and promised he’d never own another dog because of his grief. But Abbey changed that, and he even asked Steve Berens if he could keep her!

“I was begging him. I was like, please let me have Abbey. Please, please, please let me have her. But you know, she has her own family now, so it was just another one of those fleeting Hollywood romances.”

What a wild story!