The Locals Love Bruno, The Dog Who’s Walked 4 Miles To Town Every Day For 12 Years

For the past 12 years, Bruno the dog has been making his daily trek into town to socialize with the locals.The pup, who lives in the tiny town of Longville, Minnesota (population, 150 or so), was found as a stray by a man passing by the house of the LaVallees. He brought the puppy to the door to see if he belonged to them or any of the neighbors. Although the pup was homeless, he wouldn’t be for long; Larry LaVallee decided that they had to keep the adorable little stray!

The dog was named Bruno, and although he loved his home and people, he was still a wanderer at heart and could barely be contained. LaVallee tried to keep the dog tied in the yard, but he struggled so hard against the chain, he almost hurt himself. So Bruno was let free to roam, making the 4-mile trip to town almost daily. But despite his freedom, no matter what, he always found his way back home.

Folks who were new to Longville would call the LaVallees, saying that they’d found their “lost” dog; but over the past dozen years, the residents have gotten used to Bruno’s visits.

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He makes the rounds to city hall, the ice cream shop, offices, and grocery stores, and everyone looks forward to seeing the “town dog and ambassador.” What’s more, they all make sure to look out for the pooch, driving by him carefully, and providing him with snacks, water, and lots and lots of pets!

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Bruno is so loved, they’ve even built a monument for him! This dog has certainly made a big impression on a small town.

(h/t: Bored Panda)