The Moment This Homeless German Shepherd Realizes She Is Safe, She Reveals Her Friend To Rescuer

Judy Obregon of Fort Worth, Texas has a long history in the department of rescuing dogs. She is with a local animal rescue organization, The Abandoned Ones. Sadly, she has found that an area of woods near Echo Lake Park is a popular area for people to dump unwanted pets. She makes a point to frequent this area to be sure to help as many dogs as possible. Her work doesn’t always have feel good stories, but when it does, the payoff is wonderful.

It was at this “dumping ground” that Judy encountered this German Shepherd. The abandoned dog would run off every time Judy would pull up to check on her. She knew that she had to gain the dog’s trust, but she would need much patience to accomplish this difficult task.“At first, once she saw my truck she’d run,” she wrote. “Every morning I’d go to feed her.” Then one morning, Judy showed up and the dog was actually there waiting for her. “I knew we were close [to rescuing her].”

This fateful morning was when the scared German Shepherd revealed a secret.

The dog retreated back into the woods and when he emerged, he had a friend with him: a skittish pitbull with a face covered in scars.

The German Shepherd was making a point: “If you take me, you take my friend, too!” Judy said.

The backstory is unclear. Another case of “I wish these dogs could talk.” Nobody even knows how the dogs connected with one another, but it was beautifully clear that they had become friends and protectors of each other. Judy took both of them with her.

They named the German Shepherd Iris and the Pitbull became Clover. They have now both visited the vet, and with a huge relief, Judy learned that neither suffers from heartworms. She’s now searching for a forever home to keep the two dogs together.

Both Iris and Clover are healthier and happier already.

“I said the same thing to her every day for her to know my voice and trust that one day her life would change,” Judy said on Facebook. “It’s all so rewarding when we can change the fear they have into a smile.”