The Swearing In Ceremony Is Completely Missed by a Drowsy Police Dog

Brody, the Bristol Police Department’s new K-9 comfort dog, had a big day on Monday. The 12-week-old dog got up early for his swearing-in ceremony, then slept the entire time away.

Brody’s handler, Officer Keith Medeiros, told The Dodo, “He plays pretty hard and he sleeps really hard.” “When he isn’t playing, he is napping, which is difficult since he sleeps so much.”

At first, the police department was thinking of bringing on a narcotics or bomb-sniffing dog when Medeiros, the school resource officer, suggested adding a therapy dog to the force.

Brody joined Officer Medeiros in mid-March and, at first, it seemed timing was not on their side. “You want him to be exposed to as many people as possible,” Medeiros said. “And I try to do that while practicing social distancing.”

Brody, on the other hand, showed up just when he was required. “People are quite worried,” Medeiros added, “particularly in police enforcement.” “Just stepping into the police department with Brody makes folks smile and puts them in a better mood.” They want to pet him, love him, and it’s just a wonderful thing.”


Brody doesn’t even need to keep his eyes open to performing an excellent job.


Brody demonstrated his ease with his new coworkers on the day of his swearing-in ceremony: “We placed him down on the desk and he was just so comfortable that he laid down and went asleep,” Medeiros recalled.

The police department shared a video of the ceremony on Facebook, which has been seen more than 63,000 times, demonstrating that Brody is already doing an excellent job of cheering people up.


While Medeiros admits that it would have been preferable if Brody had been conscious, he didn’t mind taking the oath in Brody’s honor. For Medeiros, it was a swearing-in ceremony, but for Brody, it was a sleeping-in ceremony.