The tale of how a lost cat helped a lost puppy, and the way it ended

Olga and family members were worried as the beloved pet they had lost missing. The name of the puppy was Baby. In recent times, he started to go on walking on the streets. Before that, the puppy was never taken out for walks because the owners were concerned about his health as there were no vaccinations. When the puppy was vaccinated, he instantly started walking along the streets.

One day Olya went back to take the puppy on a stroll, and the alarm system began to scream at a high pitch. The puppy was terrified and fled. Olga was unable to locate him. The entire family set out to look for him, but it was unsuccessful.The next week Olya was in such a foul mood. She blamed herself for the fact that the puppy was lost. The whole family wandered around the neighborhood and looked for the Baby.

Also, an ad was posted on the Internet, but no one responded. Nevertheless, Olga continued her search and believed that the pet was alive.

At that time, a girl named Anna was on vacation. She often went out for a walk with her dog. During another walk, she found a small dog in the thicket. The puppy immediately ran away. A day later, Anna went out on the balcony to hang up the laundry and noticed this baby again. This time he was not alone, but next to stray cats. The cats were friendly to the puppy. They even treated him to their food, which was given to them by kind people.

Suddenly one of the cats moved away from the feed so that the dog could come up and eat quietly. The other cats were not going to share their treat and hissed at the puppy. The cat who treated him made it clear that he would not let the Baby offend. The dog managed to eat quietly. After that, the puppy lay down to bask in the sun.
When Anna took out the cat food in the evening, everything happened according to the same scenario. The gray cat was protecting the puppy. Apparently, he decided to become a guardian for him.

Anna told her friends about this amazing observation. These people knew Olga and gave her this information. Olya went to Anna’s house and waited for the cats to come to the next meal.

Late in the evening, she saw a cat company, and with them a Baby. The girl was very happy.

It didn’t end there. Anna told Yulia that the gray cat had been protecting and feeding her pet all this time. Olga decided that she could not leave such a beautiful cat on the street and took him to her. It’s good when stories end this way!