These Two Adorable, A Dog Who Is So In Love With A Cat And They Are Precious

We absolutely love animal friendships; especially the unusual and unlikely ones. We just love how very different creatures can put aside their differences, get along, and be good friends.We’ve seen dogs and cats who are the best of friends. But these two are the sweetest. We actually featured them before; the cat was still a kitten back then. Their names are Bubba and Rue.

Bubba, a sweet and gentle rescued Pit Bull grew up with kittens. So it’s no wonder that he has been so obsessed with kittens his whole life. His mom’s roomate had a litter of kittens and Bubba grew up with them and helped look after them until they were old enough to be adopted.Bubba was missing those cute kitties. So his mom finally decided to get him a kitten–a little cutie pie named Rue.

Rue may be getting bigger and bigger, but she still loves her big brother and cuddles with him!

Dog Is SO In Love With His Tiny KittenShes getting so big, but she still needs her older brother

Awww…aren’t they adorable? Their relationship is so sweet and so beautiful!