They Couldn’t Gain Stray’s Trust For A Year, Then He Comes Inside On His Own

Marla and Joe noticed a big brown dog out near the woods and knew what was going on. They live near an area known for dog dumping, and this was yet another victim. They approached the dog to try and gain his trust, but he just wasn’t having it. But they were relentless in their attempt, even if it’d take a while.

Winter had come and gone, and now it was spring. But now Scooby was coming a little bit closer to them. If they kept this up, maybe they could fully gain his trust after all! So they continued working, and before they knew it, the dog was coming up near their house.Spring had passed, and it was now summer.

So one day, the couple decided to let their dog, Samson, out. And Samson and Scooby immediately hit it off and started playing!

It wasn’t long after that Scooby decided it was time to step into their home for the first time.

He now trusted these people, and he wanted to know what this life was all about!