They Thought Someone Broke Into The Animal Shelter, But Turns Out, A Dog Broke Out!

The Apple Valley Animal Shelter posted on Facebook that some rumors were circulating that Ginger’s original owner wanted her back. But after speaking with him, he reiterated that, while the decision was difficult, he wanted the pup to find a new home. And luckily, she did.“He was happy to hear that Ginger has chosen her new ‘Furever’ home and that she will have a companion to bond and play with when their human is not home,” the shelter posted.

We know that German Shepherds are smart, but this pup is particularly intelligent!Ginger was surrendered to the Apple Valley Animal Shelter in California last week because her owner was unable to care for her anymore.That same night, alarms went off in the shelter as if an intruder had broken in. An animal control officer went to investigate and found no one, however, the place was a bit disheveled. As it turns out, the culprit was a canine from within!

Ginger had managed to open multiple doors throughout the shelter, then made her great escape out of the building. Luckily, she was found safe and sound the next day.

Workers at the shelter want to share this story in hopes that an experienced owner will adopt the genius GSD and train her to work, something she’d love to do.

“Help us share Ginger’s story so we can find her a permanent loving home. Ginger is a smart, resourceful dog. She needs an experienced owner and a job that puts her greatness to use. Please share her video,” Apple Valley Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook.

“We would love someone who works with German shepherds to adopt her and train her for an important job,” said Gina Whiteside, director of animal services at the shelter, to abc 7. “She is brilliant.”

Ginger, we hope you find the perfect human to love and train you to your heart’s content! Share this story so she can find a home that allows her to live up to her potential.