This Adorable Boy Cries And Breaks Down When He Meets His New Dog

It doesn’t matter how old are you, there are some moments that you will defiantly make you forget your age. It’s like the moment you meet your dog for the first time. This video will show you how wonderful is the moment this 6-year-old boy called Xander Mellor met his new dog for the first time. He couldn’t hide his overwhelming emotions and he cried a lot from happiness and broke down.

Little boy, Xander, saved all his money for over 18 months to collect the expenses of having a dog. The day this boy was waiting for more than 16 months has arrived finally. He was the happiest kid in the whole world. Xander jumped around the house the whole day and couldn’t hide his happiness and excitement.

The video starts with the little boy running outside and walking in a silly way. He jumps all over the house before his mom says to stand with steady stretched hands and closed eyes. The boy did that and got ready for his new furry best friend.

Xander’s mom, Natalie, put the puppy in the boy’s lap and he opens his eyes to see the new pup. His face said all the emotions he had. He held him so lose and his hurt was jumping from happiness. Then, he broke down and cried so hard.