This Bookstore Lets Kittens Roam Freely And Customers Can Even Adopt Them Before They Leave

Reading a good book feels even better when you have cat cuddled up in your lap and having a cat cuddled up in your lap feels even better when you’re reading a good book.In short, there’s nothing cosier than the combination of cats and books which, in turn, makes Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee our dream bookstore.

The bookstore, situated in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia, Canada, has teamed up with the rescue group South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia to help shelter cats find loving homes, and help their customers find some reading company.The bookstore provides kittens from the rescue group with a temporary home inside the shop and helps them find their forever homes.

The bookstore lets the adoptable kittens roam around freely in the bookshop and you can find them sleeping lazily in bookshelves or cuddling up together on comfy chairs.

By living in the bookshop, the kittens come in contact with numerous potential adopters and the initiative has proved to be a success.

Over 30 kittens have been adopted so far and the store currently has a 100% adoption rate.

In an interview with Narcity, Ellen Hemke, the bookstore owner, said that “all the kittens are in and out fairly quickly, as they are adopted.”

If you want to adopt one of the kittens, the adoption fee is 255 Canadian dollars (about 195 American) which covers the kitten’s medical expenses.

You also have to provide references before being allowed to adopt, to make sure that the kittens are going to good homes.

In an interview with Bored Panda, South Paw Conservation Nova Scotia spoke enthusiastically about their collaboration with Otis & Clementine’s Books and Coffee.

They said that they hope that the publicity this partnership is generating will enable them to “find loving homes, provide proper medical care, food and litter through donations and spay/neuter even more kitties.”

We’re happy that this fantastic initiative is going so well and that so many kittens are finding their forever homes thanks to this creative partnership.

We hope more bookstores follow Otis & Clementine’s initiative and help even more kittens in need.

We can’t think of anything better than leaving a bookstore with a new book under one arm and precious new family member cradled in the other.