This Cat Raised By Dog And Now Thinks He’s A Dog


When you spend every second with someone you love, sometimes you can’t help but copy them. That’s what happened to a cat named Tuukka. He might be a cat but he thinks he is a dog. He plays like a dog, sleeps like a dog, and even eats like a dog. He acts like a dog maybe it’s because his best friend Brady is a dog.

When Tuukka was a tiny kitten, he was all alone. But thankfully, some nice ladies saved him and gave him a forever home. The ladies told that Tuukka was something special.When Tuukka first came home, Brady the dog fell in love with him and decided to take care of him as if he was his own puppy.

Ever since Tuukka has been a member of the family, Brady teaches Tuukka everything he needs to know about being a dog and being a good friend.

Even though Tuukka acts like Brady, he’s not exactly like Brady because he is very brave.

Brady doesn’t like high places, but Tuukka likes to climb way up high and explore wild and weird places.

Tuukka and Brady are best friends. No matter what happens, Tuukka is always there to make Brady feels safe and comfortable.

It is clear that the cat learned something extra from his big brother how to make someone feel happy.

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