This Dog Is Crying After Knowing He Was Left In A Shelter

Blue King had a family that decided to leave him in a shelter and move to a new house. They left him at Carson Shelter in California. Blue kind was very connected to his former family so when they left him there, he had a totally broken heart.Depression was the only feeling blue has felt, he couldn’t even accept treats he was given.

And the most heartbreaking part, he was crying a lot. Some of the shelter staff thought these tears might have been from a kind of allergy, but unfortunately no, it was because he understood that he had been abandoned by his family.Some volunteered from the shelter recorded a video and posted online as he might catch the attention of a potential adopter hopefully.

Surprisingly, it worked! Jennifer Mckay met him and although he was too sad to welcome her, she decided to take him.

pit bull cries left at shelter

However, McKay stated that after adopting him and giving him the love he deserves, he transformed into a totally new happy dog.

pit bull cries left at shelter

She says that he likes belly rubs, sleeping, cuddling, and staring into mirrors. We can’t be happier for Blue to find a new loving home!

dog cries left at shelter