This Dog Just Broke The Guinness World Record For “Most Tennis Balls Held In The Mouth”

This is Finley! The Golden Retriever who broke the Guinness World Record for “Most Tennis Balls Held in the Mouth by a Dog”. This amazing dog is from Canandaigua, and he can hold SIX tennis balls in his mouth! Yes, 6!We addressed Finley’s mother about his affection for tennis balls, and how everything started. “When Finley was 2, he came up to me in the backyard with 4 tennis balls in his mouth—I was in disbelief.

It’s fun to look back and think, that’s nothing compared to what he can do now!” Now four is incredible expertise in itself, yet six? “Finley LOVES to fetch. My dad would throw a tennis ball to him, he’d catch it, drop it, and wait for my dad to throw another. Rather than just bringing one back, he brings back all 6!”

When “Guinness World Record” rings a bell, you may think about a gigantic book loaded up with photographs of special accomplishments from all around the globe, however, what really goes into presenting an aptitude?

In the wake of seeing the present record holder could fit five tennis balls in their mouth, Erin, Finley’s mother chose to send in an application. The entire procedure took months, and was very included, requiring “a cover letter, photo evidence, video evidence, 2 witness statements, a Veterinary Physician statement and more” Erin let us know.

Just a normal boy, with extraordinary skill.
Like most Golden retrievers, Finley is an energetic kid who wants to swim, run and climb. He particularly wants to swim in the late spring, and move in the day off (his tennis balls, obviously) in the winter. That is a good boy!

When Finley isn’t flaunting his new ability, you can discover him relaxing by the pool, respecting his tennis balls individually. Never show signs of change, Finny kid!