This Dog Takes Herself to the Dog Park every day

We know how clever dogs are. However, they always do surprise us when unexpected things they do. This story is about an extremely clever dog.A black labrador called eclipse is a very clever independent dog. Robbie lauren told the story of eclipse and what she was doing every day and shared it in a facebook post.

This is eclipse. Every day she leaves her house, by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park where she spends a couple of hours getting exercise and making friends, and then she takes the bus back home again.She even has her own bus pass attached to the collarAs indicated in the post, the whole thing began as eclipse couldn’t wait until she can be having fun.

It started when her owner, jeff young, was taking too long when the bus arrived, so she impatiently ran ahead and got on the bus by herself.

The bus driver recognized her and dropped her off at the dog park, and later jeff caught up with her. After several more trips by herself, jeff started letting her go on her own, and she always comes back home a couple of hours later.

Robbie continued:

All of the bus drivers know her and she makes them smile, and many of the regular passengers enjoy seeing her every day and will often sit down next to her.

Even the police have given their approval as long as the bus drivers are okay with the arrangement. She makes everybody happy.