This Dog’s Reaction To His First Snowfall Will Make Your Day

England’s east coast got its first taste of winter on Thursday. Traffic slowed and trains were delayed, but none of that mattered to a Cocker Spaniel named Truffle.Living with his parents in York, Truffle had never seen snow before. He’s a little pup with a big personality, and his first experience in the snow brought up a serious case of the snow zoomies.

Little Truffle was so excited to see flakes falling from the sky and fresh powder on the ground that he started sprinting up and down the sidewalk. He slid and hopped in all his enthusiasm, and his mom was lucky enough to get it all on camera. Jo Ellery posted the adorable video to Twitter, and the world is falling in love.

It started with local news agencies featuring Truffle’s gleeful attitude in relation to the odd weather occurrence. The area rarely sees accumulating snow, and Truffle doesn’t realize quite how lucky he is. Once the story broke, more people saw the video, and it eventually made its way across the pond for American enjoyment.

The video of Truffle’s winter wonderment is 25 seconds that’ll make your day, and fans of the happy dog have a longer-lasting opportunity to get more of Truffle’s cute and crazy antics. The dog has his own Twitter account with an impressive number of followers. His page is full of cute videos and pictures of his life in England.

Elroy says Truffle is now pouting inside after she made him come in from the cold, but it’s safe to say he’s already the furry face of England’s winter season. It might be a while until he gets another snow day, but we all know he made the most of his first time seeing snow.

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