This Kindhearted boy Visits Shelter Every Weekend To Read For The Dogs

Education usually starts at home, it’s developed in schools then. However, there are some indications that a kid is on the right road! Seeing cute gestures at an early gives a great indication of his mannersWe have known Evan from Instagram, he is a 10-year-old boy whose reading is his best hobby. He decided to visit the lonely dogs at the Animal Care Center in New York City to read for them every weekend, so they don’t feel lonely.

He got this hobby when his mother found a dog and took him to the shelter. Then, he decided to become a volunteer at this center to read for dogs every week.The tense environment of shelters causes a lot of dogs to be very stressed. So, some good time with these dogs can kind of ease their stress.Evan says that he gets really happy when he sees the results of his action on the dogs. They become calmer and stress goes by time, and some of them fall asleep as well.

Even if they don’t really understand what he is saying they become calmer because they get the attention they want, and because someone’s voice beside them makes a great difference to them.

When Evan comes, the dogs get near to the kennel cages and end the day snoring in their beds.

He says that he is happy that he can make them feel better. He also brings them toys sometimes, it’s kind of a reward for the one who was the best listener. However, he ends up giving them all toys!

Evan aims to create his own shelter to keep giving this kind of therapy he grants his furry best friends. Thank You, Evan, for your kindhearted self and for your selflessness that you give without asking for anything back.

The world needs more young people like you to make it a good place for all people and animals.