This Photo Session For Grandma With Her Dog Is Heartwarming

Yasuto is a Japanese photographer who just decided to melt our hearts by sharing his cute photos of his grandma and her Shiba Inu on his accounts on social media.Even though he is doing an incredible effort in his photography, the attention the photos got was because of how cute the grandma and her dogs are. They made it on a green wide landscape with her best companion and it can’t be more perfect.

Yasuto claimed that he regrets not taking pictures for his grandpa before he died, so he did this with his grandmother. And it ended up one of the most adorable photo sessions!In Yasuto’s pictures, you can see the granny sitting with her pup on different benches with autumn leaves around them. The best thing here is that this relationship stays in all the four seasons, forever and always.

Shiba Inu is one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan, and he has a strong and confident personality.

And he is one of the most perfect pets there.

They are also excellent guard dogs, they are elegant and as energetic as a five year old child who has just eaten candy.

It goes without saying how incredibly bright they are, they learn quickly.