This Place Is Heaven On Earth For Elephants And All Of Their Friends

The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee, is truly heaven on earth for elephants. The largest elephant sanctuary in the United States, it houses needy and old elephants retired from circuses and zoos. They are meant to live here as elephants should with no human interaction other than their caretakers.

Remember Tarra and Bella? Their friendship began at The Elephant Sanctuary and was featured in many media outlets. Sadly, in 2011 Bella passed away. Tarra wasn’t left alone though.Flora and Tange doing what they do best… playing in the mud!Here’s a sweet shot of Debbie and Ronnie holding trunks. Aww!

The elephants have over 2700 acres to roam and do as they please. They even have heated barns for colder nights.

Here’s Tarra at her 40th birthday party.

The birthday banner was made with candy that Tarra could smell. She gently picked off all the good stuff.

This elephant is enjoying a nice juicy watermelon…

…While this one explores the landscape!

A beautiful shot of Ronnie by the creek.

Unfortunately, Dulary has since passed away. But she was with the ones she loved in a place she loved.

What a lovely place for these elephants. No restrictions and all of the loving care that they need. Be sure and share this amazing place with all of your friends!