This Rescued Bulldog May Look Tough, But He’s Really A Sweetheart Who Loves To Cuddle With Kittens

This bull-dog mix may look extremely tough, however, this five-year-old shelter couldn’t be to a greater extent a snuggler. What’s more, however, he’s well disposed with everybody, Pickles has a unique liking for nestling with little cats, which is particularly helpful on the grounds that Pickles and his pet mother are catlike foster parents.

The previous shelter dog as of late reinforced with little cat siblings James and Jacobi, a stranded pair who ended up at Alley Cat Rescue, which traps, spay/neuters, rehabilitates, and re-homes lost felines around California. “They were quite sick but the sweetest little guys,” rescuers told Love Meow.

The little siblings were likewise firmly fortified, which seemed well and good considering all that they’d experienced. They had snuggled and helped each other during their initial days in the city, all through their recuperation, and during their time at the salvage. “They are always cuddling,” rescuers said. “They love people, dogs, and each other.”