This Tiny Pomeranian Gets Giant Mastiff Pregnant, Their Owner Is Shocked When He Sees The Puppy

Malachi Ferdinand lives with his older sister and their mother in a shared home in England. As of recently, the family had two beloved dogs: Bailey, a small and feisty male, and Coco, a big and strong female.Bailey is a chihuahua cross pomeranian who often finds himself in trouble throughout the neighborhood. Coco is a well-behaved English mastiff cross French mastiff, a.k.a “muscle mastiff.

” Not only do Bailey and Coco have different temperaments, but they look completely opposite to one another. Malachi and his family were absolutely shocked when Coco suddenly gave birth to one single puppy in the living room. They had no idea she was pregnant, as the giant dog never displayed any signs of carrying a litter. Coco proved to be a loving, nurturing mother to her unconventional son.

They knew right then and there that Bailey was the father. Malachi also knew that this little male pup — the product of his two polar opposite dogs — had quite the strange look about him. They named him Nemo While he resembles mom much more than dad, he has inherited his father’s “yappy bark.” Now Nemo is going viral as the internet is smitten by this rare cross between breeds.

The dogs’ owner couldn’t be more proud of his rare, unconventional family. This just proves that love, and family, can come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes.