Tiny Feral Kitten Now Best Friends With Giant Labrador

Scared, hissy, feral Siamese kitten was given up for foster.Foster mom had a gentle giant Labrador dog who adores kittens and showed the kitten love.Kitten has now been adopted to her forever home, thanks to foster mom and sister dog’s love and care.With love, size, shape, color, and species does not matter.A tiny terrified Siamese kitten was given to Kendal Benken of Lafayette, California to foster.

Benken is known as a “feral whisperer” at the non-profit shelter Jelly’s Place in San Pablo where she volunteers.At the shelter, they thought that Betty might have belonged to a feral cat community that did not have any contact with humans. This accounted for the fur baby being terrified of everything.Benken explained, “She was super scared and very hissy at first. No one could touch her.” She added that they were not even sure if the kitten was male or female. They just estimated Betty’s age at about 5 weeks.

Benken took Betty home and from experience, she said the best technique to adjust feral kittens is to “put them in the center of everything and not let them hide.” And so, Benken placed Betty in a dog crate in the kitchen.

Fortunately, Benken has two rescue pups that adore kittens. But it was the large yellow Labrador Truvy, who really takes care of fosters that her mom brings home.

Benken said, “Truvy LOVES kittens! She must have been a mama cat in her former life. She was always licking her head when I would hold her.”

With Benken and Truvy’s love and affection, Betty’s heart melted. She now cuddles with her best friend Truvy.

Betty’s transformation from the hissy, untouchable kitten to a playful and sweet baby has now prepared her for her forever home.

And she was welcomed by her new mom named Roz who sends Benken and Truvy updates on how Betty is doing.

Our fur babies show that love really knows no size, gender, color, and species.

Good job, Benken and Truvy!