Tiny Rat Always Runs To His Giant Dog Friend To Take The Warmest Naps

Nuka is a German Shepherd Dog who’s instantly recognizable for his silky, smooth, gorgeous fur, but did you also know that Nuka is possibly one of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever see?Nuka was raised in a household full of other animals, big and small. His nurturing love for them has always been abundantly clear. He has such a calm and relaxed temperament, which makes him so docile.

In April, a local pet store was urgently searching for emergency homes for their animals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nicole was more than happy to help and accordingly decided to welcome Blue, a gray and white rat, into her family. As soon as Blue entered the home, he was searching for comfort and immediately found it with Nuka.

“There was this immediate clear connection between Blue and Nuka compared with my other rats… It was more so Blue who seemed to adore Nuka! He loved snuggling into Nuka’s fur and if I put him down on the floor he would run to find Nuka.”, Nicole shared with The Dodo.

As a puppy, Nuka was trained to lie down whenever his mom entered the room with any small animal. Once he was relaxed, Nicole would let him gentle play with his smaller companions.

For Blue, his new situation couldn’t be any more perfect. Nuka’s thick fur makes the perfect hideout for the little rat. And if Nuka sees that Blue is asleep, he won’t move an inch for fear of waking up his little buddy.

Blue’s so comfortable with his friend that, when he’s awake, he even uses the dog’s body as a jungle gym. Nuka doesn’t seem to mind one bit and is just happy to see his friend happy too.