Tiny Stray Cat Wanders Into Wild Lynx Enclosure And The Two Become Inseparable


When a lonely stray kitten wondered into the St. Petersburg zoo in Russia, no one could have predicted that she would survive the decision, or that it would result in such an unlikely friendship.When the tiny kitten, possibly motivated by food, found her way into the enclosure of a young lynx named Linda, zoo keepers were dismayed. Certainly a wild lynx would not tolerate the cat in its enclosure.

The zookeepers removed the stray kitty but she quickly returned to the lynx enclosure. Surprisingly, to the delight of everyone, the lynx not only tolerated the cat, the two became inseparable!Zookeepers carefully watched on as the pair bonded and they named the kitten, Dusya. Dusya and Linda share food, affectionately lick and groom each other, play, and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

One can imagine that both cats were very lonely when they were brought together and their interaction is certainly a tender thing to witness. They look so happy and content to share life with each other. They bring joy to everyone who sees them.

The two have remained the best of friends for many years and thousands of people have visited the zoo to catch of glimpse of their friendship.

Fortunately the zoo takes lots of videos and pictures for those of us not able to travel all the way to Russia to see them in person. We’re so fortunate to be able to see how much they love and care for each other.

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