Toddler Trains Great Dane To Sit, Has Everyone On The Internet Smiling

Learning to train dogs takes a lot of time, effort and dutiful study. This adorable little girl has decided to jump-start her dog training career early to get ahead of the curve! The video takes place in the kitchen with a toddler that can’t be more than 2 years old and her massive Great Dane that’s several inches taller than her. She has a treat and has her mind set on training her pup to sit!

This video would be cute no matter the dog, but for some reason, the fact that the family dog is the size of a horse compared to her makes this even better.The toddler is clearly excited to mimic her parents as she waves the treat around and says “Sit, sit, sit!” But even she was surprised when he listened and sat on command like the good boy he is! Jeez, just look at that size difference!

After he sits, she happily rewards him, quite proud of her accomplishment … until she realizes that she needs more treats to continue the training session!

The bond between this girl and her gigantic pup is just too adorable not to share!