TV Doc Is Brought To Tears By Video Tribute To His Dog Of 17 Years

You may recognize the handsome Dr. Travis Stork from his stint as The Bachelor, and his run as a T.V. M.D. on The Doctors. What you may not know is that Dr. Stork has had one very special girl in his life for the past 17 years.She has supported him through medical school, residency, marriage, divorce and stardom; even becoming a frequent visitor on his show. Her name is Nala and she is a mixed breed shelter rescue.

On the Wednesday, March 15 episode of The Doctors, Stork’s costars surprised him with a moving video tribute to Nala. The dog had been suffering from failing health associated with old age, and Stork’s fellow doctors recognized that her time was drawing short.“She is literally who I wish everyone can be,” Stork said of Nala. “She’s such a wonderful living creature. It’s not so much just about my attachment to her. I think about all of the people’s lives she’s touched because in the 17 years I’ve had her, she’s been through every single experience.…

She’s just so sweet. It melts my freakin’ heart.”

Dr. Stork was deeply moved by the video, alternately laughing and crying as he watched 17 years of memories flash across the screen. The segment sparked a conversation among the doctors about the difficulty of losing a pet and how to mourn that loss. They acknowledged that the death of a pet can be just as devastating as that of a loved one.

“I literally appreciate every single day that she has left,” Stork concluded. “To little Nala out there, love you, girl.”

Sadly, Nala passed away shortly after Wednesday’s episode was taped.