Two Strangers’ Dogs Act Like They’re Soul Mates, Then Their Ears Reveal The Incredible Truth

It was just another normal day at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington when two Golden Retrievers randomly dragged their owners across the market and greeted each other like long-lost friends – but the truth was even crazier than that!Once the owners started talking to each other while their dogs rolled around gleefully, they realized that the two dogs were siblings who had come over on the same rescue flight from Russia!

The dogs even both had similar identifying ear tattoos that proved the crazy truth. Apparently, the entire litter had been crated together and spent the entire 17-hour flight peeing on each other – yuck!Half an hour wasn’t long enough for a proper joyful reunion, so the owners exchanged contact information in order to set up play dates for the long-lost siblings.

We hope they get plenty of time to play together in the future.