Two Strays Show Up To Woman’s House And Refuse To Leave

When two stray dogs had nowhere to go, they showed up to a home in a rural area and didn’t want to leave. The woman chased the dogs away, but they showed up again three hours later.She noticed how skinny they were and didn’t want to see them suffer, so she offered them food and water. They gobbled it up so quickly that they knocked the bowl over and almost ate the rocks by accident.

It was obvious they were abandoned and had nowhere to go. The dogs latched on to the woman’s love and kindness and wanted to stay with her more than anything.The dogs stuck around on the property for a week while the woman searched for an owner or some information but found nothing.

She took the strays to see if they were microchipped and found out they were not. So she decided to have them microchipped — in her name.

She named them Thelma and Louise and welcomed them to stay forever. Of course, that’s what they wanted all along!

They have since gained some weight and improved their health.

It’s as if they knew from the beginning that it was meant to be.

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