Unusual Friendship Between Dachshund And Seal Puppy Met At Sanctuary

Most of us have created friendships when on vacation. There is something magical about knowing strangers and making new friendships with them in other countries. Sometimes, it ends up in forever friendships.What if you knew that it’s not only happening with humans? Stanley, a dachshund puppy, went to England with his owner Melanie Talbot and they visited Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary, they saw some water creatures.

But the strange thing here is that the puppy has created a friendship with a seal called Aayla. Then, they posed together which cheered everyone around.Just after getting into the underwater viewing place, Stanley only focused on Ayla, the seal. She is a resident of the sanctuary. Aayla seemed very happy to see him as well. They kept eye contacting each other through the tank’s glass.

Their amazing photos went viral on social media.

Talbot said that they became friends from first sight. They put their noses on the glass as if they were trying to talk to each other.

Then, they had a picture together and posed in a very adorable way just like any other friends posing for a photo.

It’s obvious how adorable and cute these best friends are together.