Veteran Tries Getting Dogs Back After They’re Taken Away, But Then He’s Misled

A 58-year-old Vietnam veteran named James Pack was sent to the hospital after suffering a heart attack. His dogs, Bailey and Blaze, were placed under the care of First State Animal Center and SPCA until his few-week stay at the hospital ended. But he ended up having to stay for a couple months, so the shelter decided to put the dogs up for adoption.

When James was finally released from the hospital, he was devastated to learn that he lost his dogs. But it turned out the dogs hadn’t been adopted yet, so the man desperately tried gathering the adoption fees and looked into selling his car. But then he received a call from PetSmart.

The shelter, which was based in the PetSmart store, learned about what happened and wanted to help James get his dogs back. Volunteers pitched in, and they collected enough to cover the fees. In the video below, you’ll see James Pack at the PetSmart with no idea of the surprise that was in store for him.

He finds out the adoption fees have been covered for him, and it puts him in tears. Bailey and Blaze are brought out to him, and they’re back where they rightfully belong.

What a happy moment for this family!