Veteran Wants His Dog Back After She Was Adopted While He Was Overseas

Army veteran and military contractor Michael Takacs was working overseas in Kuwait when the unthinkable happened.A friend was watching his dog, Precious, who Takacs said has gotten him through many tough times, including his mother’s passing.But instead of looking forward to a happy homecoming, the veteran is now fighting to get his companion back.

He recently learned that his friend’s new girlfriend dropped the pup off at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay as a “stray.” Precious has since been adopted by another family.Takacs is so desperate to get Precious back, he’s offered her new adopters $1,000 and is willing to pay the adoption fee for another dog. So far, they have refused his offer.

Pam Backer, who’s with the humane society, points out that a microchip with Takacs’ information would have been proof enough to help him reunite with his beloved companion.

Still, the dog-dad hopes that Precious’ new family will have a change of heart, and he’ll be able to bring her home just in time for Christmas. He said in the ABC Action News story:

“I would ask them to please consider my offer. Christmas isn’t here yet. You still have a chance to use the money to buy some gifts to compensate for what happened,” he said. “I still have hope. I’m very determined to get her back home.”