Veterinarian Helps The Homeless By Providing Their Dogs With Free Medical Care

Ruby Shorrock, DVM, is only 24-years-old but has already touched the lives of many animals and the less fortunate in the most generous of ways. Many homeless pets owe their health and happiness to a program she founded.Shorrock grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and helped her mother and grandmother care for wounded wildlife.

As an animal lover, from a young age she knew she wanted to continue to care for animals and went on to go to veterinary college at the University of Glasgow.After graduating, she wanted to do something special for the less fortunate. While in college, she had learned about a cost-free veterinary care program that helped provide medical services to pets owned by the homeless.

She decided she wanted to launch something similar in Glasgow.

She began researching the program and at age 22 and started Trusty Paws Clinics. Trusty Paws Clinics go to homeless shelters once a month to provide medical care for pets. Veterinary students volunteer their services and the less fortunate get free medical care for their furry friends.

“We try to promote the human-animal bond because it isn’t recognized enough,” said Shorrock. “Animals are good for people’s mental health, and the benefits as well as the responsibility and routine that comes from owning a pet outweigh those of giving them up.”

The program is a win-win because it provides students with hands on experience while providing a vital community service. Since 2014, Trusty Paws has helped hundreds of pets. Their slogan is, “helping the hounds of homeless people.

” Most of their patients are dogs but they say all animals are welcome. Their services include preventative care such as vaccines, parasite control, treating illnesses and infections, and performing surgeries.

In 2016, Shorrock was awarded the International Fund for Animal Welfare honor and her efforts have inspired other communities to follow in her footsteps. They receive their funding from local charities in Glasgow and Liverpool so they can continue their service.

We think her program is awesome and would love to see it spread all over the world.