Volunteer Sees Sad Shelter Dogs Sleeping On Floor, So He Brought Dog Beds To Fix It!

YouTube poster Stuart Edge shared this heartwarming video about how a little kindness can make a huge difference in the lives of shelter dogs.The first time he volunteered at a shelter, Stuart Edge noticed “how sad a dog shelter can actually be because the dogs have to sleep on the concrete floor,” he explains in the video. “They just don’t have the best situation to live in,” he says.

As he pointed out, shelter life takes its toll on many dogs who’ve been sent there, at no fault of their own. “It was something you could see just by looking at the dogs and seeing how sad some of them looked in their eyes,” he says.As you probably know, sad and anti-social dogs have a much lower chance of getting adopted as opposed to happy, friendly pups. So this volunteer did something to cheer them up: he brought them dog beds! (A lot of them, too!)

Just watch these pups’ reactions when they’re given their very own soft, comfy beds!

It’s amazing how a little bit of kindness can help these sweet shelter pups! The beds will bring them comfort, making them feel more relaxed and happier. Hopefully, they’ll have a much easier time finding their forever homes! Special thanks to this generous volunteer, who truly wanted to make a positive difference.