Wandering Cat Ends Up In Someone Else’s Apartment

George the rescued cat loves to wander around his apartment complex.One time he did not come in as expected so mom had to look for him.
George got stuck in a neighbor’s apartment and had to wait 5 hours to be let out.George was abandoned. Until now, his mom Jodi McCree is still in shock because she thinks George is pretty special. And he has proven to be quite a charmer ever since he was rescued.George wanders around and greets everyone in their apartment complex.

Jodi says, “He is well-known in my apartments by many neighbors, and well-loved. He even helped one of my previous elderly neighbors overcome her fear of cats! She’d sit out and talk to him when she saw him lounging outside.”But no matter how far he wanders, George always checks in on his mom. So, it was very unusual when one day George did not clock in. Jodi looked for him all over the complex and was getting super worried when she could not find him.

She said, “I went looking around my neighborhood in my pajamas with a bag of treats calling for him. I looked a mess and got some stares from other neighbors.”

Jodi was getting more and more panicked the longer that George was nowhere to be found. She decided to make another pass at their complex and that’s when she saw George in her neighbor’s window!

He must have sneaked in when her neighbor’s door was open and got stuck there. It’s a good thing that the neighbor had a sweet dog that gets along well with cats. He had access to water and the dog’s kibble.

But George wanted out. “He seemed a bit confused as to why I wasn’t letting him outside, and instead just laughing at him,” Jodi said.

Jodi informed her neighbor about George’s predicament. But since the neighbor was out that time, George had to wait for five hours.

When he was finally freed, George did not show signs of stress at all and continued exploring the neighborhood.

Be careful next time, George!

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