Watch Dog Siblings Who Live 500 Miles Apart Run Into Each Other In A Park

An unexpected reunion took place at a park between two puppy littermates who lived 500 miles apart.Dolly and Wally are sister and brother Goldendoodles who recognized each other’s scents.Both of their moms took photos and videos to document and remind them of the happy reunion.Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever x Poodle) Dolly and Wally were littermates from Senseney’s Dazzling Doodles in Wheaton, Missouri. They have been adopted by two different families.

Dolly’s mom Mary Zic said, “We adopted a precious pandemic pup this May and named her Dolly since we live in Tennessee and so admire Dolly Parton.”They live 500 miles apart from each other. But last Christmas, they unexpectedly met again at a park.The serendipitous meeting happened when Dolly went walking with her other mom Jessica, at the Centennial Park.

Mary said, “We had never taken Dolly to Centennial Park before but needed to pick up food at a nearby restaurant for a friend who’s ill. Jessica suggested we bring Dolly [along].”

Wally, on the other hand, stopped at the park in Nashville to stretch their legs. He was with his mom, Becky Birg. They were on a Chicago to Florida road trip.

Dolly’s mom Jessica, spotted Wally who was a doppelganger doodle of Dolly.

Wally’s mom Becky, recognized Dolly because at that time, Dolly was wearing a scarf with her name on it. She has also seen pictures of the puppy siblings on Instagram and Dolly was wearing the same scarf.

As the two doggos came close to each other, their tails started wagging and they ran to greet each other while sniffing each other’s familiar scent. What a reunion!

Mary Zic said, “We still can’t believe it. We were all stunned by the serendipitous encounter!” (She and Birg snapped numerous photos and videos to prove the happy unexpected reunion between the two adorable dog siblings happened.)

Zic added, “This is a tough Christmas because we can’t be with family. But our sweet pup found her brother.”

It may have been a tough year but moments like this prove that fate is kind.