Watch This Dog Play With A Wind Chime And Sing Along With It

When Bleu was just a baby, she stumbled upon an old wind chime and fell in love with it.Everyday, the golden retriever would play with it and try to sing along with it.Bleu’s video was uploaded online, making her instantly famous. But she doesn’t care, she doesn’t even want her old chimes replaced with new ones.Bleu, a 4-year-old golden retriever, is a very talented dog who loves to sing and play an instrument—the wind chime.Ever since she was a puppy, Bleu fancies playing the wind chime from the time she stumbled into it, literally.

Ana Brown, her mom, was cleaning the backyard and hung some old wind chimes to the garden hook. When Bleu, who was still a baby then, encountered the metal tubes, she was instantly captivated as if by magic.“When she was really, really little, like 4 months old, she walked outside and her head hit the wind chimes because they were down so low,” Ana told The Dodo. “We kinda freaked thinking that would be horrible for her ears — but she just started singing.”

From that time on, Bleu made it a point that she goes outside everyday to hone her musical talent.

“It’s the most precious thing,” Ana said, “when she looks at you and sings, hitting her head against the wind chimes. I don’t know if she loves the sound, or if she knows she can play it herself. It’s almost like she tries to keep in tune with it.”

After Ana posted Bleu’s video on Facebook in June, the adorable pup has quite gained popularity. Her video quickly went viral which was shared 100k times within 24hrs.

Now, Bleu gets millions of views in her videos and she’s not even aware of that. Most likely she wouldn’t even trade her old chimes to other expensive instruments.

“My mom got us a really nice wind chime for Christmas and [Bleu] won’t touch it,” An said. “She wants nothing to do with it. She just wants the wind chimes that she’s used to.”

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