White German Shepherd Adopts Orphaned Baby Opossum As Her Own

Each year, hundreds of orphaned wildlife die because they are hit by cars or have no one to provide them with the protection, nourishment, and warmth they need to survive.Vulnerable and alone, these wild animals need rehabilitation but there is only so many wildlife rehabbers and the need is huge. Not to mention, many of these animals are never discovered, they simply vanish into the wilderness.

However, the lucky ones are saved. Such as this baby opossum called Poncho, who was found clinging to the side of his deceased mother, who had been struck by a car. Poncho was fragile and alone and certainly would have perished had he not been found.Tiny Poncho was provided with veterinary care but still needed a mother and to be taken care of by rehabbers but he still needed a mother.

That’s when an unlikely prospect stepped up and adopted the little opossum as if it were her own baby.

German shepherd adopts opossum

Hantu, a white German shepherd, quickly bonded with Poncho and the two became inseparable. Hantu had never had puppies of her own but her maternal instincts were strong when it came to caring for the orphaned opossum.

German shepherd adopts opossum

Hantu took her job as foster mom seriously and the two were never apart. Poncho would even ride on Hontu’s back, just like he would have with his birth mother. The possum looked so tiny clinging to the German shepherd as she explored their yard.

Now thanks to the care of Hontu, Poncho is all grown up. But the two are still the best of friends. They love to take walks in the woods together but Poncho still hitches a ride on his adoptive mother’s back even though he’s big now.

German shepherd adopts opossum

Hontu seems happy to let her friend ride along. She smiles as she walks through the woods with her baby on her back. Thanks for her, Poncho got to experience a mother’s love after losing his in an accident.

Hontu and Poncho live together at the Rare Species Fund where they are animal ambassadors helping people to appreciate wildlife.