Wild Deer Enjoying Blossoms In Japan’s Nara Park Might Be The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

Nara Park in Japan is a popular tourist spot due to its abundance of cherry trees which, when in bloom, showers the park in pink blossoms.During the sakura (cherry blossom) season, the park is usually filled with people who are there to marvel at the blooming trees and snap some pictures for the ‘gram.But this spring, due to the ongoing global pandemic, the park has been unusually empty.

Well, empty of people, at least.Nara Park is home to a large amount of Sika deer, which are free to roam around the park.Now, with the park strangely calm and quiet, the Sika Deer are relaxing all alone amongst the cascading cherry blossoms and it’s all so beautiful that it almost doesn’t look real.The Sika deer were once considered sacred, (however they lost this status after World War ll) and after watching this ethereal scene, it’s not hard to imagine them as divine creatures.

Though no longer sacred, the Sika deer are considered natural treasures and are appropriately cherished and protected.

There are approximately 1000 Sika deer living in Nara Park, and they often receive treats from tourists, who can purchase special “deer crackers” in the park.

The deers are used to people and are very sweet. They even have an incredibly graceful way to ask for treats; they bow.

Just watching these gorgeous animals lounge amongst the delicate, pink blossoms feels incredibly relaxing and like a balm for the soul.

Online, people are completely enthralled by the magical scene.

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