Wild Zebra Visits The Village Donkeys, Gives Birth To A ‘Zonkey’

A wild zebra near Tsavo East National Park in Kenya made her way to the local community and bunkered down for a while. She was able to safely stay there until someone could contact Sheldrick Wildlife Trust so they could relocate her to a protected area.The zebra was taken to a safe place where the rescuers could watch over her and make sure she settled in with no issues.

She ended up doing well, so everyone moved on…But it wasn’t long until some people who knew the zebra saw her again with a young one. And they realized there was something different about the baby.It turns out the zebra ended up getting pregnant to one of the donkeys in the village, and she gave birth to a “zonkey.”

He appeared to be doing just fine, and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust believes he should go on to live a perfectly normal life.

The baby is super rare and super cute, and he’s turning heads everywhere he goes! And it’s easy to see why.