Woman Driving 3 Pregnant Dogs Across Several States Finds 14 Puppies In The Backseat At End Of Trip

Even with this pandemic, we can still find something to be grateful for. This story is something to celebrate.Secondhand Hounds was on their way to Minnesota. They were driving three pregnant pups that weekend for adoption when something beautifully unexpected happened.

Each month, SHH or Secondhand Hounds make it a point to be able to travel to Kentucky and take dozens of dogs back to their sanctuary. With the help of their kind partners, who do their best to rescue homeless dogs, they are able to save as many dogs as they can.

Early this December, they took 3 pregnant dogs from Kentucky and were on their way back to SHH.

“And 2 of them were getting bigger and bigger as the days went on. But when Summer got to Kentucky this weekend no puppies had been born and early yesterday morning she loaded them all up into the vanimal, holding her breath for an uneventful ride,” SHH shared on their Facebook post.

Can you imagine the suspense that these people were feeling?
So, the journey was okay for the first few hours; everyone was resting, but then, Miss Grace was not able to hold back her babies from coming out!

They all heard a little squeak, and they knew they had to stop the van and take a look. They knew that one of the dogs had already given birth, but they didn’t expect what would happen next.

“About two hours into the drive, she heard something, a little squeaking, and looked back. And mama Grace had given birth to her first puppy,” Rachel Mairose said to WCCO CBS Minnesota. “And it just went crazy from there.”

Miss Grace didn’t just give birth to one or two puppies; she gave birth to 14 beautiful and healthy puppies!
She gave birth to her babies across different states! We all know what you’re thinking; they could name each baby in the state where they were born! That will be too awesome, right?

By the time they arrived in Minnesota, Miss Grace has already given birth to all her 14 puppies! It was an unforgettable ride for all of them!

Just look at these puppies – they’re so adorable.

SHH felt fortunate to witness and be a part of such a beautiful moment. It was something to celebrate despite all the hardships that we are all facing.

These puppies make everything all worth it and are a reminder for them to continue what they are doing.

“Sometimes rescue is hard, and we feel overwhelmed (especially during a pandemic), and we want to step away. But then we remember that momma Grace and the other 48 animals on this transport couldn’t afford for us to take a break,” they continued in their Facebook post.

The lives of these dogs depend on people and organizations like SHH, and these people, no matter how tiring, couldn’t stop what they are doing because of their mission.

Secondhand Hounds ended their wonderful story by celebrating the re-birth of 49 lives and the birth of these 14 puppies.

As of now, mom and her babies are in the care of a foster home and should be available to be adopted when they are about eight to nine weeks old.

We do hope that all of these beautiful dogs find their forever homes. If you are interested in adopting one of Miss Grace’s puppies, please do follow SHH on their Facebook account.

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