Woman Finds An Injured Dog On A Mountain And Carries Him 7 Miles To Get Help

When Tia Vargas and her 76-year-old father started a rigorous hike up a mountain in Idaho, they had no idea that Tia would end up saving the life of a badly injured dog named Boomer.Tia and her father had been hiking on a snow-covered mountain for about 3 hours when they came upon a badly injured springer spaniel. The dog was with a family of hikers who were unfamiliar with the area and had children with them.

The family asked Tia if the dog belonged to her and she said “no.” However, it was clear to her the dog was in bad shape and needed help. His 55-pound body was swollen and bruised and his eyes were bloodshot. Tia said,“You could tell he was very dehydrated. He had cuts and scratches on his belly and on his head. He was in bad condition.”

Since the owners were nowhere to be found, Tia decided to carry the dog 6 miles down the mountain. The hike was difficult and exhausting. Tia often lost sight of the trail due to the snow. The trail she chose was also closed and there was no clear path to follow. Tia prayed for help and said,

“We had to hike through the snow, we even lost the trail at one point. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life.”

Tia and her father got lost twice trying to make their way down the mountain and once her legs gave out. Relying on divine intervention to help her, she never gave up and continued carrying the dog on her shoulders, slowly making her way down the mountain.

Six hours and seven miles later, Tia finally got Boomer to the bottom and was able to reconnect him with his owners. It turned out that Boomer had fallen through a 100-foot snow crevice and then rolled 200 feet. His owners went after him but when they reached the bottom, he was nowhere to be found.

Boomer’s owners took him to the vet for medical care but Tia couldn’t stop thinking about the dog. She thought he should belong to her and was very concerned about him. She finally contacted the owners and learned he was still alive but needed more medical care, including surgery to fuse some bones together. But, despite that, he was doing much better.

His family was so overwhelmed with gratefulness that Tia saved Boomer’s life and could commit such a kind act, they gave the dog to her. Because of Tia, not only was Boomer’s life saved, he also got a new family to love him.